Why IMM?

“From everywhere to everywhere.”

Mission environment of the 21st century is changing rapidly. What used to be “From the West to Everywhere”–Western missionaries going into the world to share the Gospel in the 20th century–has entered a new era of “From Everywhere to Everywhere.” With Asia, Africa, and South America being the key players in world mission today, it is crucial and urgent to mobilize missionaries within the majority world to fulfill the Great Commandment of worldwide evangelization. And this cannot be delayed.

Who we are?

IMM is an international ministry team of WEC International and was founded to mobilize missionaries from around the world.


Mobilizing in emerging sending countries. Encouraging Diaspora churches to greater involvement in global missons. Being available to assist existing WEC Branches in the areas of mobilization.


Mobilizing and training missionaries in the majority world countries. Building a mission network. Sending out trained missionaries through WEC International. Cooperating with existing WEC Branches in the mobilizing part.


“From where you are to the ends of the earth.”

IMM has established its main office in South Korea and other locations in the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Romania and Dubai, where mobilization can effectively take place. More locations are to be followed in other regions depending on the needs.

Main Office in Seoul

Plans and supports overall ministries of mobilization.
Focuses on mobilizing and working with international seminary students in Korea who have a great potential to be our mission partners.
Korea | Seoul
B2 F1. Sinsoe Bldg. 40, Teheran-ro 4-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06241, Korea

Tel. 82-2-720-3650 | Fax. 82-2-739-3650
E-mail. wecimm@gmail.com
Homepage. http://www.goimm.org

International Locations

Introduce the work of WEC International and recruit missionary candidates.
Awaken and open the eyes of local churches worldwide to the needs of the world by holding mission conferences and seminars, speaking in churches, building prayer networks, and etc.
Practically assist churches to have a missional vision by freely sharing our resources.
Stand as a channel of blessing to local Christian communities.
Establish mission networks.